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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in participating to Seasmiles. You may join us here
All individuals must have completed a trip within the last 12 months with Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries or Hellenic Seaways
Anyone aged 18 or over is entitled to join the Seasmiles programme.
Contact us at +30 210 8919800 to collect properly all required information.
Each account number is unique, the membership is strictly personal and each member can maintain only one personal account.
There is no such possibility.
Our Seasmiles Kiosks are Self-Service devices which have been located on board all vessels of Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries and Hellenic Seaways. They offer automated customer services for the SeaSmiles loyalty programme.
Using the Kiosk every passenger of adult age can electronically subscribe to the SeaSmiles loyalty programme and existing members can check their available account points balance. Blue & Silver tier members can print a physical card.
You can use the Kiosk interacting with its bilingual menu (Greek and English) offered via the touch screen monitor. Simply follow the kiosk prompts on the screen, type the required information and discover the services, the benefits as well as the discounts offered by the SeaSmiles programme.
Kiosks are available on 18 conventional and 2 highspeed vessels of Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries and Hellenic Seaways.
In the case that the kiosk is offline, you may contact the Reception on board for more information.
Login to your My Seasmiles account and select from the menu "My Profile" to update your data. In case you need correction of your last/first name or date of birth, it is required to contact Seasmiles in written to provide copy of your passport or ID.
Select "Remind card number" and you will receive at your email address the relevant information.
Select "Forgot password" and you will receive at your email address the relevant information.
Login to your My Seasmiles account and select from the menu "Change Password" to set a new option.
Login to your My Seasmiles account, select from the menu "My Transactions" and press "Show Transactions".
Once your registration is successful, you receive your digital Blue card in your e-mail and you may print the physical one while on board at the Seasmiles Kiosks. 
To download your digital card in your device or to print it, login to your My Seasmiles account via web or via seasmiles app and select the ‘’My e-card’’ section. The digital card is open to all tiers Blue, Silver, Gold.
Blue and Silver members can print the new biodegradable physical card while on board at the Seasmiles Kiosks. Gold members are receiving the biodegradable physical card by post. 
In case of damage, you may issue your Blue or Silver physical card at the Seasmiles Kiosk while on board. Gold members must contact us to notify damage in timely manner. In case of loss at all tiers, we strongly suggest to contact us, as to submit a new membership.
You may travel by presenting your digital card on your mobile device at all check points. Log in to your My Seasmiles account via web or via seasmiles app in order to save your digital card and use it to buy your tickets as well as to present it for your purchases & consumptions on board.
Seasmiles membership card is strictly personal, non-transferable and the name of the account holder is written on the front side of the card.
No points may be transferred in any way to another member of the programme.
You have to collect 1,000 points within any period of twelve (12) consecutive months from your registration date in the SeaSmiles programme.
It is necessary to accumulate 6,000 points within any period of twelve (12) consecutive months from your upgrade date to the Silver Tier.
You may earn 1 point for every 1€ of your personal ticket value, your vehicle and from your onboard purchases and/or consumptions.
Before your trip, you have to state your Seasmiles membership card number upon booking/issuing your ticket, otherwise no points are credited to your account. Requirement for a correct registration is to match the name as recorded on the ticket with that of your Seasmiles account.
You may login to your My Seasmiles account and then select " Claim Ticket Points" to set your request within 1 month from the trip date. Just remember that you may submit only one claim for your personal ticket and your car or motorcycle ticket for the same itinerary, date and route.
It is required to present your Seasmiles membership card upon order and before the bill is issued, at the bars, at the restaurants and at the shops on board.
Your account will be updated with the new points collection, within 24 hours upon completion of your trip.
You may ask at anytime the digital assistant at the website or contact us at +30 210 8919800 from Mon to Fri 09:00am-17:00pm. You may also login to your My Seasmiles account via web of via the Seasmiles App. While on board, please visit the Seasmiles Kiosk or connect to the infotainment portal @sea.
This ticket is considered as a requirement to participate and does not grant any points to your account.
If you have not traveled, your ticket is excluded from the points collection even if paid.
For any seating category upgrade while on board, the difference on your ticket value is crediting the corresponding points in your account.
Group tickets or tour package tickets do not award points in your account.
Points collection does not apply for carriage of goods or small packages.
For any account disputes you have to send us your tickets/receipts within 30 days from the transaction date, otherwise points will be lost.
In case a receipt is not credited due to technical reasons, you have to contact us and send all related documents in order to register points at a later stage, only if the membership card number is stated on the receipt.
The points collected have no commercial value and under no circumstances can be exchanged for money.
Once you have the required points in your account, according to the redemption tables.
You may contact our Reservation Department daily at +30 210 8919800 from 08:00am to 22:00pm for your bookings with points redemption to Cyclades, Saronic, Dodecanese, Sporades & N.E.Aegean and from Mon-Fri 09:00am-17:00pm & Sat 09:00am-17:00pm for your trips to Crete or Adriatic routes.
All tickets are offered according to availability and refer to a confirmed accommodation type for a specific date and itinerary. The booking can be made at least three (3) working days before your upcoming trip.
Open date tickets with points redemption are issued free only for Adriatic Sea routes.
Tickets can be collected from the Company's Central Agencies by presenting your Seasmiles card as well as your ID card or passport. Cooperating travel agencies cannot redeem points and issue free tickets.
In case of cancellation of your trip before the date of departure, you must present your ticket only at the main port offices of the Company, to be converted into an open date. ticket Otherwise without your timely notice, the ticket after departure time, is not valid. Redemption points are not refundable to your account under any circumstances
You may change your departure date only at the Company's Central Agencies, based on the new availability and accommodation type of your issued ticket. Collaborating agencies cannot make any change.
Tickets issued by redeeming points can be converted to Open Date tickets only at the Company’s Central Agencies. Collaborating agencies cannot make any change.
You may upgrade your accommodation class only on board depending on availability, one hour after departure. Central agencies and collaborating agencies cannot make any change.
In case of theft or loss, a ticket is not reissued. You have to buy a new one in order to travel.
Discounted tickets with 25% are available only for domestic Routes, including Crete
Discounted tickets with 25% are available to all tiers (Blue/Silver/Gold).
Discounted tickets with 25% are available for all passenger seats as published in the redemption tables. Vehicles are excluded.
Discounted tickets with 25% cannot be combined with any other discount.
Discounted tickets with 25% are not available for vehicles
The benefits when using our network of partners refer exclusively to discounts and offers by presenting the membership card unless other is stated.


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Call the Reservation Department +30 2108919800, Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00, to make your booking with "Points for Friends and Family"


For reservations with redemption of points, please contact our Reservations Department at tel. + 30 210 8919 800, Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00, alternatively please complete your request.


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