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Terms and Conditions of Seasmiles Programme



1. Seasmiles is a Loyalty Reward Programme offered by ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A. (ATTICA GROUP), having its registered office in Kallithea Attikis, Athens (1-7 Lysikratous & Evripidou Street).

2. The present Terms and Conditions set out the relationship between Seasmiles and the participants of the programme (called hereinafter the” Members”) as well as the procedure relating to the participation, collection and redemption of points. ATTICA GROUP reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Members may be informed about any changes through the official website of the programme,


1. The programme is open and valid only to adults over 18 years old. Legal entities, companies and sole proprietorships of all kinds do not qualify for membership.

2. Registration is accomplished via the official website or through seasmiles application and while on board, via Seasmiles Kiosks or through our new portal @sea with free internet access.

3. In order to complete the online registration for membership at the website and the Seasmiles application, the applicant must provide his/her personal details and the passenger ticket of a past trip completed within the last 12 months with Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries or Hellenic Seaways.

4. The ticket for registration to the Seasmiles programme does not reward points in the Member’s account.

5. Passengers holding free tickets are not entitled to register and participate in the programme.

6. By completing the online membership application, the Members are deemed to fully and unconditionally accept the Terms and receive the Blue membership card.

7. The points collection and redemption scheme is activated in the system once the Member’s valid data is submitted and approved and additionally registration bonus points are automatically credited to the Member’s account. ATTICA GROUP reserves the right to reject an application for membership to the programme.

8. The membership card is strictly personal and may not be transferred or assigned by the Member to any third party. The Members' collected points are non-transferable to another Member's account. The seasmiles card is not a credit or a debit one. The use of the membership card must always be accompanied by the identity card of the holder or any other official identification document that the Member is obliged to present upon request at any control. For security reasons of the Member’s transactions, in case the membership card is found to be used by a third party, it will be retained by any representative of ATTICA GROUP.

9. The membership card is and remains property of ATTICA GROUP and it may be requested at any time to return it or it may be cancelled automatically if it is proven that the Member fails to be in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the programme.

10. Only one membership account can be active at a time. In case of erroneous activation of a second account, the two accounts will be unified and the points – if any – will be transferred to a single account maintaining the highest tier rank. The registration bonus points are not transferrable.

11. If the Member wishes to terminate his/her participation in the programme, he/she must declare it in writing to Seasmiles. Upon processing the request, the account and its points will be automatically canceled.

12. The membership card, the account and the collected points will be automatically cancelled in the case of the Member’s demise.


1. Blue Tier

Once the application is accepted, the Member will automatically receive via email the Blue card with the 11-digit membership number. The digital card is valid for use at all points just like the physical one. The Member is entitled to start collecting points from his/her tickets and onboard purchases and/or consumptions, as well as he/she is granted to the discounts, special offers and benefits of the programme. Blue Members can print the physical card only on board at the Seasmiles Kiosks.

2. Silver Tier

When the Member has collected 1.000 points by the use of the digital or physical Blue card in any twelve (12) consecutive months’ period from the registration date in the programme (regardless if points redeemed), he/she upgrades to the Silver tier. Silver Members can print the physical card only on board at the Seasmiles Kiosks. 

3. Gold Tier

When the Member has collected 6.000 points by the use of the digital or physical Silver card in any twelve (12) consecutive months’ period from the registration date in the programme (regardless if points redeemed), he/she upgrades to the Gold tier and the physical Gold card is mailed to his/her stated home address.

4. General Tiers Terms

4.1 The Silver and the Gold card bear the same membership card number as the Blue card. 

4.2 From the 1st of December 2021 a point expiration is applied in all tiers (Blue, Silver, Gold). Seasmiles programme points will be valid for two (2) years, from the date of their registration in the Member's account. Upon redemption, the system deducts the points per collection date, starting from the chronologically oldest date. After a period of two (2) years from the date of registration of each point and if the points have not been redeemed, they will be automatically canceled from the account. The points collected up to the 30th of November 2019 will expire on the 1st of December 2021, if they have not been redeemed.

4.3 In case of card theft, damage or loss, the Member should immediately notify Seasmiles. In this case the card is cancelled and another card is issued with a new number in which the accumulated points will be transferred.

4.4 ATTICA GROUP may at any time modify without prior notice the terms and conditions of upgrading the membership card, the points’ expiration date as well as the benefits granted to Members in every tier.


1. The point collection & redemption scheme is activated after the final approval of the application by the competent department of ATTICA GROUP. Points from trips made before submission and/or final approval of the application are excluded from the member’s account. The points earned from each trip are automatically registered to the Member’s account within 24hours after the embarkation control (ticket check-in), provided that the number of the membership card has been logged correctly at the reservation system upon booking and prior to ticket issuance.

2. The member is obliged to present the Seasmiles membership card before any transaction related to collection and/or redemption of points.

3. Group tickets do not reward points in the member’s account.

4. Points’ claims for trips where the membership card number has not been recorded in the reservation, will be considered for registration to the Member’s account if and only the request is made within one (1) month from the date of travel.

5. The Member must keep the tickets and the receipts from any purchases/consumptions on board or any other relevant document related to the points collection process until the points are registered in his/her account. Purchases for prepaid Paysafe cards are excluded for points registration.

6. Purchases and/or consumptions carried out without presenting the Seasmiles membership card, do not award points and cannot be registered at a later stage.

7. Any disputes of the accounts' statement must be notified in writing to Seasmiles within 30 days from the transaction date.


1. In order to redeem points for free trips, the Member must contact the reservation department at least three (3) working days before the departure date or contact the worldwide network of Superfast Ferries' offices and Premium Sales Agents (only for trips in Adriatic Lines).

2. Free or discounts tickets with points’ redemption are offered according to availability and refer to confirmed seats on a specific itinerary.They are official travel documents and are subject to the same terms and conditions as those issued on a standard fare.

3. Upon redemption, the points are deducted from the accumulated points in the Member's account.

4. If a Member with free or discounts ticket by points redemption does not travel (non show) and no action is taken in advance to cancel the ticket in accordance with the cancellation policy, then the free ticket is no longer valid and the member loses the points that he/she has redeemed to acquire it.

5. Redemption of points for free trips apply only to the available types of seats and vehicles while point redemptions for discount tickets only apply to seat types according to the published tables on the official website of the programme ( and are subject to amendment without prior notice.

6. Tickets with points’ redemption cannot be combined and used with other promotional offers/discounts announced by Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways.

7. The points’ redemption certificates for food/beverages are issued only at the vessels’ Reception Desk and must be handed over by the Members to the points of sale indicated by the Reception personnel


1. ATTICA GROUP reserves the right to amend, extend, suspend or terminate completely or partially the Seasmiles programme at any time, with immediate effect upon Members’ notification. Members will be given a specified time period to redeem their collected points (as these are registered in the Member’s account) during which no new points will be granted. The rights of the Members will be eliminated, the accounts and collected points of the members that have not been redeemed will be lost and the Members cannot raise any claim against ATTICA GROUP.

2. ATTICA GROUP may terminate the programme with immediate effect, if thus is required by law.

3. Members are obliged to provide full and accurate personal data and notify Seasmiles in writing about any change. In case of false and/or incomplete registration data, ATTICA GROUP bears no responsibility whatsoever for transactions affected with the use of the card.

4. ATTICA GROUP bears no responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes to the present text and content of the Terms when printing the document.

5. ATTICA GROUP bears no liability for the accurate and timely performance of post office and courier services related to the Member’s cards delivery.

6. ATTICA GROUP bears no liability for any partnership issues may be caused by the use of the special offers, in regards to quality and provided services or other problems that arise and/or concern the operation of the legal entity of the Partner.

7. Members can be informed about the programme's Partners through the official website Withdrawing for any reason implies the immediate offer/service removal, without prior notice to Members.

8. ATTICA GROUP cannot be held responsible for any tax liability that the Seasmiles Member may be faced with due to points awarded or exchanged, for which the Member is solely liable.