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Dine at your favourite Goody's Burger House restaurant and earn 10% discount on your consumptions.

Visit one of the following Goody’s Burger House restaurants and get 10% discount by presenting your Seasmiles membership card.

  • Rest Area "Evaggelismos", 373rd Km Athens-Thessaloniki Motorway, Evaggelismos
  • Rest Area "Almyros" , 270th Km, Athens-Thessaloniki Motorway, Almyros
  • Rest Area "Maliakos", 203rd Km, Athens-Lamia Motorway, Maliakos
  • Rest Area "Megara", 40,5th Km, Athens-Korinthos Motorway, Megara
  • Rest Area "Spathovouni", 10,4th Km Korinthos- Tripoli Motorway, Tenea
  • Rest Area “Seirios”, 43rd Km, Athens-Lamia Motorway, Avlona

Discount is provided ONLY by presenting your card before placing your order, exclusively at the above outlets participating in the offer. Your membership account is not rewarded with collection of points.

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