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The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation has created and operates a Network of nine thematic Museums in the Greek provinces.

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia, next to the lake in the mountainous Korinthia region that is familiar from ancient Greek mythology, aims to show the interdependence and harmonious co-existence of mankind and nature. Its objective is to raise the public's ecological awareness and to preserve the knowledge of the region's traditional occupations.

The Museum presents information about the distinct environment of the area, included in the European Network of Specially Protected Areas Natura 2000. In addition, visitors can comprehend how this particular environment influenced the development of human activities and traditional occupations. The Museum displays a wide array of visual material, models, original digital representations and documentary films. A most impressive exhibit is the open sweet-water aquarium inside the building of the Museum, reconstructing the lake in cross-section with real flora and fauna from the area.

You can find here more information about the Museum.

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