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The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation has created and operates a Network of nine thematic Museums in the Greek provinces.

The Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Lesvos, in the village of Aghia Paraskevi, presents the industrialization of olive oil production in Greece, focusing on the changes brought about by the introduction of steam power to the process of olive oil production. In parallel, the Museum approaches with particular sensibility the initiative of the inhabitants of Aghia Paraskevi that led to the creation and operation of a pioneering communal oil press. The buildings and the machinery of the steam-powered oil press have been restored in an exemplary fashion, in order to house the Museum. In the former factory, functioning machinery and varied visual and digital constructions demonstrate the main stages of olive oil production: crushing the olives, compressing the pulp, separating the oil from the water. In addition, in the old olive-fruit warehouses the exhibition "unfurls" the whole spectrum of activities related to the cultivation of olive trees as well as the social and economic framework of the era.

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