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Enjoy 10% discount on balanced nutritional meals from Taste Control!
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Taste Control is a service of freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced meals, but also the story of an inspiration!

The founder Kyriaki Stenioti, a Diabetic Chef, after 12 years of efforts and in collaboration with the scientific team of the Department of Nutrition - Dietetics (Harokopio University οf Athens), designed recipes and diets for daily use to promote health, well-being and control body weight. These recipes were tested in a clinical study but also analyzed in their individual nutrients in order to check and ensure that they have a low glycemic index, low natural sugars and lower fats, therefore that they are suitable for people with diabetes as well as for people who want to follow a balanced or low-salt diet.

At Taste Control we can draw up with seriousness and responsibility, the monthly diet program personalized, calorically measured, and adapted according to your needs by professional nutritionists. The monthly nutrition programs are based on recipes - Greek, Mediterranean and International cuisine, with the signature of Kyriaki Steniotis and her team and are distributed daily in the place you wish!

Blue/Silver/Gold members: 10% discount on the meal plans of your choice

*For package delivery in areas such as Keratea-Markopoulo-Lavrio-Sounio-Lagonisi-Peania-Nea Makri-Rafina-Pikermi-Koropi etc. there will be an additional financial charge, which is independent of discount.

Contact Details: Iolkou & Magnisias 51 str. , Acharnes, Athens, (+30) 2102448707, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For your purchases at the Taste Control Company the discount is provided only by presenting the membership card and cannot be combined cumulatively to any other offer.

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