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Enjoy 35% discount on your new kitchen purchase from Gruppo Cucine!

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Gruppo Cucine was founded in 2003 from a neighborhood in Piraeus, in a small apartment of 45 square meters where the Leventakis family lived.

Konstantinos Leventakis was already counting three decades full of effort, difficulties, and setbacks in the field of wooden constructions, without having any possibility to take risks, since behind him was a family with three young children that he had to support. And as if these challenges were not enough, the carcinogenic materials that were widely used for kitchen constructions were to create a severe respiratory problem that would temporarily stop him. This event was a moment of inspiration for him, as it was then that he started looking for factories that use only ecological and environmentally friendly materials. The result; His first collaborations with branded factories from Italy ensured the desired aesthetic results but mainly the creation of an environment without health risks.

Thus, his vision was to protect the kitchen furniture industry as a whole, as several carpenters in Greece were facing similar diseases. The immediate goal was to innovate by introducing the appropriate raw materials, creating ecological products truly friendly to every Greek citizen's health.

His whole family immediately committed to his vision! With their know-how, experience, and passion, the three children of Konstantinos Leventakis contribute to the industry's development by setting new standards of professionalism in the field. Simultaneously, in collaboration with Universities and other Talent Finding Organizations, they actively help in something missing from the market and kitchen furniture industry: to create real professionals with a future in this field to reduce the outflow of young and talented people abroad.

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