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Enjoy 20% discount on your purchases at mastihashops in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Chios!
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In antiquity, Greek and Latin physicians, such as Hippocrates,Galinos and Dioscourides discovered the medicinal properties of mastiha, which they called the “lentisk resin”.
Medical recipes from antiquity and the middle ages, written by medical practitioners, physicians and botanists, recommend Chios mastiha as a beneficial aid in treating conditions and disorders of the gastrointestinal system.

According to recent clinical studies, Chios mastiha has proven action against Helicobacter pylori, contributes positively to preventing and treating the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and constitutes the most natural way to treat peptic disorders.

Today, in the multinational and colorful environment of the Eastern Mediterranean, mastiha continues its journey through time, uniting people and cultures, exchanging experiences and beliefs. Taking into account the special characteristics of mastiha and the modern consumer trends and habits in combination with the historical path of the product from classical antiquity until today, the establishment of mastihashops aims to utilize and strengthen the dynamics of the product.

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  • 20% discount on your purchases in the categories of food & cosmetics with the brand mastihashop.

Stores that participate in the offer:

mastihashop Chios: Leoforos Aigaiou 36 Str. Tel No: (+30) 22710 81600 & Locality of Rachi (Tepeki), in the Pyrgi region of the Municipality of Chios. Tel Νο: (+30) 22710 72212
mastihashop Athens: Panepistimiou 6 & Kriezotou Str. Tel No : (+30) 210 3632750
mastihashop Thessaloniki: Vogatsikou 12 Str. Tel No: (+30) 2310 250205

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