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You will probably be wondering what a new e-shop can bring, like those that mushrooms sprinkle daily on the vast plains of the internet. But that's where the difference lies, the fact that it's not another e-shop!

Our long-lasting engagement with the family-run business, which has long grown into the fascination of the Aeginian gastronomy, has exacerbated our instinct and our love for everything that has to do with the good food, the non-negotiable basis of which is not simply the good, but the excellent raw materials!

So the idea was born to create "Mikaela's Goods", an e-shop exclusively for traditional, local and organic products of small producers from Aegina and all over Greece, among which the unique Aeginian pistachio, fine honey, extra virgin olive oil, Greek grains of excellent quality, sweet made from pure ingredients, and many other products of high nutritional value!

Aegina is the ideal setting for the birth and development of this idea, being a place which, alongside its undeniable tourist identity, preserves its traditional character and its primary production, always giving importance and value to its care land and its cultivation.

Our goal, the fine beauties we trust and discover in the neighborhoods of the Greek province, can taste and take off not only the Aeginites and the Greeks, but also consumers from Europe and the whole world!

Our sincere desire to bring people back to the Mediterranean diet to persuade them to follow new and healthier eating habits and to "educate" them on how to learn to choose only the tasty treasures of Mother Earth!

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Contact us: Achilles 18, Aegina, (+30) 6948401486, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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