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Enjoy up to 20% discount on e-bike tours throughout Greece as well as other unique offers from Bike Me Up!

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BIKE ME UP is the happy realization of Vangelis’ idea for the development of an e-bike tour company not only for cycling on the most beautiful places of Greece but also for enjoying all the magical sceneries of Greece. So, come, with love and respect for the environment, to explore and enjoy Greek nature.
The old city of Athens, the magical Athens Riviera and the Port of Piraeus are expecting you. Moreover, the island of Aegina and the magical Cycladic island are there to be explored. The mount. Pranitha, Mountain Carinthia and Pelion, as well as the lake of Marathon will fulfil all of your expectations.
Our cycling tours consists of small groups, so as on the one hand to ensure the character of a personal experience in every moment of the tour and on the other hand be sure that we will meet all expectations and each person’s and group’s specific needs,

Blue / Silver / Gold members:
E-bike tours
- Athens Classic Tour: 20% discount on existing prices
- Athens Coastal Ride: 20% discount on existing prices
- Evening Combo Ride: 10% discount on existing prices
- Parnitha Mtn.: 10% discount on existing prices
- Aegina Island: 10% discount on existing prices
Participation in e-bike tours: Minimum 02 people.

- E-bike rentals: 10% discount on existing prices for e-bike rental
- Walking Tours First time in Athens: 10% discount on existing prices
Participation in walking tours: Minimum 02 people.

- Athens food tour: 10% discount on existing prices
- Make your own souvenir workshop: 10% discount on existing prices
- Mural (art graffiti) city tour: 10% discount on existing prices

• Free chair for children 1-5 years old or 22kg
• Double bike-trailer (Ideal for up to two small riders 2-8 years old): 25% discount on existing prices.

For children 4-12 there are reduced prices and discounts above are excluded.

The participation of younger children (0-3) is free. They are carried out under the responsibility of the parents, where possible.

Discounts are valid for bookings by contacting directly with Bike Me Up at (+30)694.61.60.120 – (+30) 2111820033 και This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and are provided only by presenting the membership card.

Discounts cannot be combined cumulatively to any other offer.

No points are credited at your account.

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