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The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation has created and operates a Network of nine thematic Museums in the Greek provinces.

The Chios Mastic Museum in the region of the Mastichochoria presents the cultivation and processing of gum mastic as well as its integration to the cultural landscape of the island.

The permanent exhibition introduces the traditional know-how of the mastic tree cultivation, revealing how mastic shaped the rural and inhabited landscape of southern Chios. Thus, it sheds light on a significant aspect of Greece's production history and showcases the various uses of gum mastic. 

The "culture of mastic" is highlighted in various ways, always focusing on people, the land, and gum mastic: photographic and archival material, oral testimonies, audiovisual productions, multimedia applications, original machinery from old factories, still functioning. The museum experience is completed with the open-air exhibition where visitors actually have contact with the mastic tree and the natural environment in which it thrives.

You can find here more information about the Museum.

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