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Attica Group launches the first biodegradable cards in the Greek shipping industry

Attica Group is the first to introduce a new generation of ecological, biodegradable cards in the Greek passenger shipping industry, remaining faithful to its commitment to adopt environmentally sound practices and reduce its environmental footprint.

New biodegradable Seasmiles BIO-PVC cards are now issued for all new registrations of the Attica Group’s loyalty and reward programme. The new biodegradable Seasmiles Cards are made of BIOPVC, a state of the art material which requires lower energy and crude oil consumption for its production, while producing lower Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Also biodegradable will be all entry-level Blue cards that are reissued, as well as all upgraded to Silver level cards. Furthermore, all printed material used to dispatch cards to Gold members is created from eco-recyclable material with FSC certified paper.

In its effort to protect the environment, Attica Group calls on all members of the Seasmiles loyalty programme to contribute to a world with less plastic and withdraw the plastic cards they are already using, replacing them with the new biodegradable ones. The replacement of the plastic cards or the issuance of new Bio cards for all Blue and Silver members is effected easily and fast at the Seasmiles Kiosks on board all vessels of Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries and Hellenic Seaways. Attica Group is committed to the responsible recycling of all plastic cards collected.